Environmental Practices

As a company, BioFit endeavors to continuously reduce any negative environmental impact created by our production processes. Although our research has revealed there is little available in terms of recycled component materials for the type of furniture we make we continue to look diligently. Meanwhile, there are other ways we reduce our impact:

Recycling stations are used in our factory and offices for cardboard, paper and aluminum.

BioFit employs the most "environmentally friendly" production processes available, including nontoxic powder coating as opposed to traditional painting of products. Happily, powder coating also provides a much tougher coating than traditional painting. There are no hazardous materials  used in our manufacturing processes, or contained in our final products.

Material Content That Can Be Recycled By The Customer

Depending on location and local recycling availability the following materials may be recycled, the percentage of each material varies with product line and model.

Contained in chair bases, backbars, seat controls, table and booktruck frames
Chair backrest panels
Product cartoning - all products
Some chair models have aluminum chair bases appropriate for recycling
The internal seat and back pans of upholstered models are plywood, which can be recycled in some locations

BioFit Environmental Awareness and Recycling

BioFit recycles all paper and cardboard waste - blanket wrapping used on large shipments, eliminates the use of cardboard altogether

BioFit recycles all metal waste

BioFit powder coats all painted parts, eliminating VOLs in painting processes

At BioFit all lights are turned off when not in use; all equipment including office equipment turned off when not in use

At BioFit all fluorescent lights are T-8 energy efficient

Only biodegradable equipment degreasers and hand cleaning solutions are used

All glues and lacquers are water soluble, eliminating VOLs

Per BioFit Supplier:
• All aluminum castings made from 100% recycled material
• Composite bases 10% recycled material
• Seat control - Steel - 10% recycled material
• Cartons - 10% recycled material

BioFit ships products assembled and blanket wrapped in economically feasible cases, eliminating the use for cardboard and other cartoning materials except for reusable blankets

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